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Electronic Invoicing


We now offer our customers several alternatives to traditional mail invoicing:


Fax, E-Mail or Internet Invoice Gateway


Fax - Choosing this option will send you one fax per day with all the invoices from the prior business day.


E-Mail - E-mails will be sent to the address or addresses you specify.  One email per day containing all your invoices. Exact replica of each invoice in PDF format.   


Invoice Gateway - Quickly find individual invoices and easily view a PDF copy of an invoice.  Sort invoices by date, Invoice #,  or PO#, job name 


Customers wanting to sign up for a more efficient way of receiving their invoices should contact our billing department at 336-565-8675 or simply click here to e-mail us your fax # or e-mail address and account number.  We will change your form of billing to receive invoices via fax or e-mail that same day or if you choose we can assist you in signing up for Invoice Gateway.