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High Performance LED Fixtures

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 Atlas' LED fixtures provide a rapid return on investment. This is achieved through a low up-front cost premium, 60,000+ hours of high lumen output, up to 80% energy savings and no lamp replacement cost. 


A typical MH fixture will require at least 3-4 lamp replacements during this period.

 Click here to see the ATLAS LED Brochure and view pictures of the LED fixtures in various applications.

 Construction Traditional fixture designs provide a familiar look and standard installation requirements. Retaining this look allows the ability to upgrade fixtures gradually, while retaining the same overall fixture appearance throughout a facility.

Optics Lens assembly is designed to provide high efficiency and to target the light needed to satisfy outdoor lighting requirements.

Thermal Management Atlas’ exclusive Thermal Stacking Technology™ system features a unique internal design that allows for lower operating temperatures which results in a brighter, whiter light, more stable color and longer LED and driver life.

Glare Free Positioning of the LEDs results in the light being directed to desired locations eliminating glare and offensive light.




WPS13LED 13 Watt LED Wall Pak Pro

 WPS27LED 27 Watt LED Wall Pak Pro

 WPM43LED 43 Watt LED Wall Pak Pro

   WPL64LED 64 Watt LED Wall Pak Pro

 WPXL86LED 86 Watt LED Wall Pak Pro

   WPXL102LED 102 Watt LED Wall Pak Pro






PFS22LED 22 Watt LED Power Flood Pro

 PFM43LED 43 Watt LED Power Flood Pro

 PFL84LED 84 Watt LED Power Flood Pro 

       PFXL126LED 126 Watt LED Power Flood Pro





VN1243LED 56 Watt LED Vandal

VN1256LED 56 Watt LED Vandal