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LED Recessed Downlighting

All-Pro LED module is designed for retrofit in most 5" or 6" recessed downlighting housings. The All-Pro LED module may be installed in IC-insulated ceilings or Non-IC non-insulated ceilings in residential and commercial applications with 5" or 6" new construction and remodel housings.



 The H750ICAT is a dedicated LED new construction housing for use with HALO H7 Collection 600 Series and 900 Series LED modules. The H750ICAT is designed for insulated ceilings and can be in direct contact with ceiling insulation. This AIR-TITE™ housing design prevents airflow between attic and living areas and saves on both heating and air conditioning costs. The H750ICAT connector system provides high efficacy code compliance when used with HALO H7 Collection LED modules.




Halo LED ML7068xx modules are designed for retrofit applications with an Edison screw base adapter (included) for use in many existing housings OR in new construction with the LED dedicated housing Series H750x. Modules exceed the light output of 65W BR30 lamps; and offered in four color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K. Module and trim combination offers an optical design that yields productive beam lumens, good cutoff and low glare.




Multiple reflector and base options allow the Halo LED recessed luminaire to be used in many interior spaces. Choose the best reflector finish and trim for the interior space. Aesthetically pleasing regressed shower trim is available for applications requiring wet location listings.


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